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World most wanted criminal in india

Due to his alleged involvement in the 1993 Bombay bombings .He was branded a worldwide terrorist by India and the United States in 2003, with a US$25 million bounty on his head. He was listed third on.The World’s 10 Most Wanted Fugitives. in 2011 by Forbes and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation.In order to escape FATF fines, the Pakistani government has added Dawood World most wanted criminal in india and 87 other people to their list of sanctioned individuals. Despite Pakistan’s government’s denial it has been claimed that he resides in Karachi.The six properties owned by Dawood in his ancestral village in Ratnagiri district of the coastal Konkan region of Maharashtra were sold by the Indian government in 2020.

Dawood Ibrahim is one of the most wanted man in india

Under the Smugglers and Foreign Exchange Manipulators (Forfeiture of Property) Act (SAFEMA) 1976, the government organised the e-auction of his assets. The authorities auctioned off three of Dawood’s properties including the renowned Rounaq Afroz Restaurant popularly known as Delhi Zaika in November 2017. Dawood wanted criminal in india .

 Early life

Dawood Ibrahim World most wanted criminal in india . was born in Khed Maharashtra, India, on December 26 1955 to a Konkani Muslim family. His mother Amina Bi was a stay-at-home mom while his father. Ibrahim Kaskar was a head policeman for the Mumbai Police. He attended Ahmed Sailor High School before quitting and he resided in the Zadgaon neighbourhood of Dongri.

Criminal career world in india

Dawood World most wanted criminal began engaging in fraud theft and robbery when he was still a teenager. He eventually became a member of the local organised crime syndicate’s don Baashu Dada’s gang. He then left the gang in the late 1970 and founded his own group with his older brother Shabir Ibrahim Kaskar. He took over as the single leader of his gang, the D-Company after. Shabir was assassinated by the opposing Pathan gang. At that time. his main businesses were drug trafficking extortion real estate and gold smuggling. In 1986 . when he was sought by the Mumbai Police for the murder of Samad Khan he fled from India to Dubai.

With the assistance of his second-in-command Chhota Rajan. he continued to grow his gang throughout the ensuing years. By the beginning of the 1990. his gang had over 5000 members and was generating tens of crores of rupees in annual revenue.

The Indian authorities identified him as one of the planners of the 1993 Mumbai Attacks. He reportedly left Dubai for Karachi after the assaults and has been there since since.

As part of its international sanctions programme. World most wanted criminal in india the US Department of the Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control designated Ibrahim as a terrorist and added him to the list of Specially Designated Nationals and the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act, effectively prohibiting US financial institutions from working with him and allowing them to seize assets they believe to be in his control. According to an information sheet on Ibrahim kept by the Department of Treasury. his gang shared and utilised smuggling routes from South Asia. the Middle East and Africa with the terrorist group al-Qaeda. The information sheet also claimed that Ibrahim’s syndicate is responsible for large-scale drug shipments to Western Europe and the United Kingdom. He is also thought to have interacted with Osama bin-Laden, the head of al-Qaeda. Ibrahim visited Afghanistan in the late 1990 with the Taliban’s assistance.

Dawood World most wanted criminal in india .The syndicate has often sought to undermine India through riots terrorism civil disobedience and the importation of counterfeit Indian rupees. Ibrahim reportedly handled the logistics for the 2008 Mumbai attacks. according to India Today.

 Currently Ibrahim is involved in money laundering extortion running guns drug trafficking and sponsoring terrorism. Additionally .he has made large real estate investments in India Dubai and Karachi. He is thought to have a significant amount of control over the hawala system an unauthorised method that is widely utilised to send money and remit money without the.World most wanted criminal in india. knowledge of government officials. He was connected to Lashkar-e Taiba’s financing of the organization’s rising attacks in Gujarat. A list of the top 38 wanted criminals .which included Ibrahim, was sent to Pakistan by the government of India in 2006. Over 40% of the profits of his criminal organization. which operates across Asia Europe and Africa come from India.

1993 Bombay bombings wanted criminal

The Bombay bombings in March 1993 are commonly thought to have been planned by Dawood. Ibrahim was labelled a Global Terrorist in 2003 by both the Indian and American governments. It was a significant development, according to Lal Krishna Advani, the deputy prime minister of India. India ‘s Most Wanted List now includes Ibrahim. In a public speech in June 2017. Ram Jethmalani claimed that Most wanted Dawood Ibrahim had phoned him from London after the Bombay explosions and offered to come to India and stand prosecution in exchange for not receiving any third-degree punishment from the police. Sharad Pawar had been told this by Jethmalani .But the ruling class of politicians rejected this idea.

Location most wanted criminal in india

Ibrahim was originally thought to have previously resided in Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates. According to India, he has moved to the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. According to additional information from Indian officials, Inter-Services Intelligence appeared extremely wary of the new US-Indo cooperation to fight terrorism. The Lok Sabha the lower chamber of the Indian Parliament was notified by MP Haribhai Chaudhary on May 5/2015 that Ibrahim’s whereabouts were unknown. However. Rajnath Singh India’s then-Home Minister, informed the house on May 11 that Ibrahim was in Pakistan and that he will be returned to India.

On August 22/2015 Times Now an Indian news outlet reported that Dawood was in Karachi Pakistan. According to stated media corporation, on August 22/2015  they spoke with a woman in Karachi. According to transcripts of talks that were posted on the news agency’s website .she claimed to be Dawood’s wife in one discussion and claimed that he is sleeping in another  when she claimed she was not familiar with anyone by that name.Ibrahim has nine houses in Pakistan, according to a dossier created by India in August 2015 and given to Pakistan, and he often travels using three Pakistani passports.

Search for Dawood Ibrahim

He is listed as a global terrorist and was ranked third on Forbes. The World’s 10 Most Wanted list from 2010 until it discontinued publishing the list in 2011. Since Ibrahim went into hiding. the Indian intelligence services. Research and Analysis Wing and Intelligence Bureau (IB) have made many attempts to find him. His whereabouts have repeatedly been linked to Karachi Pakistan a claim that the Pakistani government has repeatedly refuted. When an Indian news broadcaster called him at home in August

2015 to further substantiate the charges. His wife responded to the phone call from Times Now and confirmed his presence at their Karachi residence. As soon as possible the Indian intelligence services created a dossier on Ibrahim that contained, among other things proof of his whereabouts in Karachi. It was scheduled to be presented to National Security Agency-level negotiations between the two nations in the same month, but those negotiations were cancelled for political reasons.

Chhota Rajan most wanted criminal in india a former assistant of Ibrahim’s with whom he later had a falling-out in 1992 stated in an interview with India Today that .He Ibrahim does travel out of Pakistan once in a while but Karachi is his base.

Chhota Rajan vs Dawood Ibrahim

Chhota Rajan is thought to have used his personal understanding of the crime and its operations from his experience to help intelligence agencies get a lowdown on the D-Company’s and its members actions. Chhota Rajan vowed to severely execute anybody suspected of planning the 1993 Bombay bombings in order to further his status as a patriotic gangster don. Saleem Kurla  was shot dead in April 1998. Mohammad Jindran in June 1998 and Majeed Khan on March 1/1999.

          According to rumours Chhota Rajan’s standing in the underworld was bolstered by the Shiv Sena administration’s selective police action against the Ibrahim criminal syndicate and the syndicate’s subsequent demise as a result of encounter killings. This is comparable to how Dawood Ibrahim benefited from the police effort against the Pathans in the 1980s. In an editorial published in the Saamna news paper. its mouthpiece and authored by Bal Thackeray.The Shiv Sena made clear how much it admired Chhota Rajan. The editorial breathed a sigh of relief and credited Chhota Rajan’s survival to good fortune brought on by heavenly favour. Chhota Rajan’s attempted assassination was attributed to the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

Jamim Shah, the head of the Nepali media. was shot dead in the head in broad daylight in February 2010 while he was travelling to his home on a public road by accused Chhota Rajan associates. Shah who allegedly had connections to Dawood Ibrahim was the brains behind a scheme to manufacture fake Indian rupees in Nepal.

In popular culture

Bollywood film industry funding has been connected to Ibrahim and his syndicate D-Company. In the 1980s and 1990s D-Company funded a number of Bollywood companies and films. At the time, Anita Ayub a candidate in a beauty competition and Mandakini an actress from Bollywood. were among the famous people Ibrahim was connected to. The Bollywood producers Javed Siddique and Gulshan Kumar were killed by D-Company which is also renowned for extortion against celebrities and producers of Bollywood and for making threats against them. In the 2004 Anurag Kashyap film Black Friday Vijay Maurya played him. the movies D-Day (2013)  Once Upon a Time in Mumbai (2010) . Shootout at Lokhandwala (2007) and D from the year 2005. On the rise of the D-Company  the 2013 film Shootout at Wadala is based. Ibrahim serves as the inspiration for

Gashmeer Mahajani’s portrayal as the titular antagonist in the 2016 Indian action-drama film Dongri Ka Raja.

The 2002 movie Company is partially based on the actions of D-Company  and its sequel (which takes place before the events in the movie) the movies D-Day (2013) Once Upon a Time in Mumbai (2010)  Shootout at Lokhandwala (2007) and D from the year 2005. On the rise of the D-Company the 2013 film Shootout at Wadala is based. Ibrahim serves as the inspiration for Gashmeer Mahajani’s portrayal as the titular antagonist in the 2016 Indian action-drama film Dongri Ka Raja.

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