Story Of Indian Heros

Once upon a time there was a prince who wanted to find a princess but she would have to be a real princess. He therefore searched the entire planet for one but there was always a problem. Princesses abound but he could never be certain that they were the real deal. Always there was a little something off about them. He returned home but this time he was dejected because he had missed his genuine princess

There was a terrific storm one evening. Thunder and lightning were present. The downpour was intense. It was awful! The ancient king went forth to answer the knock at the city gate. Outside a princess was present. Oh my my how the rain and the weather had affected her appearance Her hair as well as her clothing leaked water. It spilled out at the heels of her shoes and into the toes. And yet she claimed to be a real princess. The old queen reasoned Well we shall soon find that out. Nonetheless she remained silent when she entered the bedroom removed all the blankets and placed a pea on the floor of the bed. Next she placed twenty mattresses on top of the pea followed by twenty eiderdown feather beds.

Once upon a time there was a prince who wanted to find a princess but she would have to be a real princess.

The princess was going to spend the night there. In the morning she was questioned about her sleep. Wow how awfully she exclaimed. I did not get much sleep that night. Who knows what was inside the bed? I was lying on something hard which is why my entire body is black and blue. That is awful. Because she had felt the pea through all twenty mattresses and all twenty featherbeds they could now clearly see that she was a real princess. Only a true princess could be that delicate. Because he now realize that he had a true princess. the prince decided to take her as his bride. The pea was also placed in the exhibit where it is still visible barring theft. You can see that was a true story now.

The princess on the pea king of love

Italy the most sensitive woman in the world. Then his parents said Go find her .He continued A prince’s marry such a woman of whom I can declare with good conscience that she is parents wished for him to wed but he refused saying .I will only on and arrived at a woman who had her head covered in bandages and appeared to be in pain. What’s wrong with you he enquired. Yeah my maid was combing my hair this morning when she plucked one out which is hurting me a lot the woman added. Yet the prince reflected. She is not the best choice .The princess on the pea . l look around more.

He kept on walking and came upon another woman. She appeared really dejected and had the best linen wrapped over her entire body. What s wrong with you he enquired. Yeah I was ill last night while I was in bed because there was a tiny wrinkle in the sheet I was resting on. She is not the most sensitive person either the prince reflected. There must be one that is superior. He reached a third woman after continuing on his path. She had a bandaged foot and was relaxing in an armchair. One could not help but feel sorry for her as she distorted her attractive face while crying brilliant tears. What’s wrong with you I asked approached the prince.

Well she sighed this morning as I was strolling around the garden a light breeze came up and blew a jasmine bloom petal upon my foot. After giving it some thought the prince remarked .You are the right one for there cannot be a more delicate woman than you And then he wed her. Has he made the correct decision? Regrettably the storyteller is unable to answer since she has run out of material.

The monarch then proceeded to the tree picked up the goblin once more and moved in the direction of the monk. The goblin on his shoulder then added as he continued to walk O King allow me to relieve your fatigue by telling you a peculiar tale Listen.

Virtue Banner was the name of a former king in Ujjain. He cherished the three princesses he married and had as wives. The second one was called Star the third Moon and one of them was called Crescent. The king was content had vanquished all of his adversaries and lived peacefully with his wives.

The monarch went to the garden one day during the spring festival to play with his three wives. He observed the flower-covered vines with the rows of black bees on them. they resembled the bow of the god of love poised for action. Nightingale melodies he overheard in the trees sounded like commandments from Love. Also he shared wine with his wives which appeared to be love’s essential life force.

 Then as the king pulled Queen Crescent’s hair in amusement a lotus flower petal fell from her hair into her lap. And because the queen was so fragile. it hurt her causing her to cry and lose consciousness. The king was preoccupied but when servants fanning her and sprinkling her with cool water helped her gradually regain awareness.

Then the monarch carried her to the palace and attended to his beloved wife with a hundred different treatments that the doctors brought. The king and his second wife Star walked to the royal balcony as soon as the king saw that she was made comfortable for the night. The moonbeams now found their way through the window and fell upon her as she slept on the king’s chest. When he seen how she cried and grieved the king became preoccupied. He summoned the staff who prepared a sofa out of wet lotus leaves and applied wet sandal paste to her wounds.

The third queen Moon then exited her chamber and went to the king. Also as she travelled through the princess silent night on the pea she could clearly hear grain being ground in a far corner of the palace. She then sobbed Oh oh I ll die from it In agony she slumped down in the hallway while wringing her hands. But when her attendants came back they carried her to her room where she knelt down on her bed and sobbed. She then emotionally displayed bruises on her hands that resembled two lilies with black bees sticking to them when the servants inquired as to what was wrong. So they went to the king and told him. Then he arrived in great concern asking his darling wife what was going on.

My love when I heard the sound of the pestles these bruises came. she said while showing her hands and speaking while in pain.

So the monarch ordered them to give her a sandal paste cooling plaster along with other items. One of them was hurt by a falling lotus petal the monarch reasoned. The moonbeams burnt the second. She quickly regained consciousness and immediately began sobbing I am burned

The king then awoke and inquired concerned as to what was wrong after noticing large blisters all over her body. Queen Star responded when he questioned her about it The moonbeams that landed on me did it. The loudness of the pestles severely injured the third person’s hands. They are very dear to me but alas Even the wonderful virtue of delicacy is positively inconvenient.

As he walked around the palace it appeared as though the night had 300 hours. But the king and his expert doctors followed the necessary steps in the morning and before long his wives recovered making the king delighted.

Who of them was the most delicate the goblin questioned when the king finished telling this tale? Then the monarch said The one who when nothing touched her was hurt by the sound of the pestles alone. She is superior to the other two because they weren’t directly exposed to lotus petals or moonbeams and suffered wounds or blisters.

After learning this the goblin turned around and the king hurried to capture him once more.

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